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Finding balance at work and in nature.

Carboneg is a carbon removal project based on soil carbon sequestration through the implementation of regenerative farming practices on cropland and pasture.

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Where does Carboneg operate? What are the principles of cooperation with farmers and businesses? How many carbon credits are already available? You can learn more by reading our company report.​​

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At the beginning there were two ideas

Experiences from the corporate world

For many years we have been in the corporate world thanks to employee benefits. We know that although many companies try to be green, they always indirectly produce some emissions. And at some point, their efforts to be carbon neutral hit a ceiling

Respect for nature

We love nature. It pains us to see the consequences of climate change. We also recognise the importance of the landscape to our quality of life and care about the food we eat.

We have found a way to link these two sectors

... and we're passionate about it. And so Carboneg was born. The name expresses a big ambition - to achieve carbon negativity - that is, not just to reduce emissions, but even to pull out of the atmosphere the existing ones that humanity has put in there in the 200+ years since the Industrial Revolution. This is a barely imaginable figure: 1.3 trillion tonnes of CO₂.

Our Goals

Towards carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality is therefore a milestone on our way to a far more ambitious goal. Even though we know we cannot achieve it alone, we believe it makes sense to try together. Especially when, thanks to the principles of regenerative agriculture, we can literally start in a field outside the city. And if it gives us the added benefit of supporting farmers, healthier crops and food, and a qualitative transformation of the landscape, it's worth it.

Join us.

Global goal, local impact. We'd love to have you join us. Whether as a business or a farmer.

Let us know

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Phone: +420 253 253 283

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Headquarters in Prague

Václav Kurel

CEO & Founder

vaclav.kurel@carboneg.com+420 608 849 047

Strategic & Project Management, Global Development

Marek Pytlík

Project Specialist

marek.pytlik@carboneg.com+420 775 720 474

Development of Carboneg in Czechia

Ladislav Tabák

Head of Business Development


International Expansion, Business Development

Country Business Representatives

Peter Balázs

Country Manager Slovakia, Hungary

peter.balazs@carboneg.com+421 907 288 892

Development of Carboneg in Slovakia & Hungary

Kadyrkulov Nurlan | Public Fund Global Ecoway

Country Business Representative Kyrgyzstan

kyrghyz1@yandex.ru+996 556 522 522

Development of Carboneg in Kyrgyzstan

Tawanda Shamuyarira

Head of Business Development


Development of Carboneg in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Volodymyr Salyga

Country Business Representative Ukraine

agroinnovationinua@gmail.com+380 974 931 299

Development of Carboneg in Ukraine

Goldis Perry Davila

Country Business Representative Peru

GPerry_Peru@carboneg.com+51 943 262 207

Development of Carboneg in Peru

Abdeshev Alikhan Abdeshuly

SC ETUFARM SRL, Country Business Representative Kazakhstan

a3ugam@mail.ru+7 701 111 81 92

Development of Carboneg in Kazakhstan

Sibel Elbir

Canbel Tarım, Country Business Representative Turkey

sibel@canbeltarim.com(+90) 542 156 47 11 / (+90) 553 941 47 41

Development of Carboneg in Turkey

Antonio A. Kusanovic Olate

Savory Field Professional, Country Business Representative Chile

Akusanovic@carboneg.com+56 956 740 810

Development of Carboneg in Chile

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Jitka Volkova

Marketing & PR Manager

jitka.volkova@carboneg.com+420 602 608 505LinkedIn

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