This Buffalo Farm is a Paradise for Birds and Dairy Lovers - Thanks to Regenerative Grazing

Tereza Zyklová, Ingrid Melnikovová
July 2, 2023
Regenerative grazing

For our 10th episode of the Půdcast, a podcast from Carboneg, we had a captivating interview with Alex Page, owner of the first and, so far, only dairy buffalo farm in the Czech Republic.

The interview was conducted by Carboneg founder Václav Kurel on the premises of an unusual family farm in Ohaří, 20 km from Příbram. The farm is interesting not only because of the unusual selection of animals, but also because the owner has been practicing regenerative grazing for a few years. In the following Půdcast video, you will not only get to know many fun facts about buffalo breeding, but also Alex’s own personal story. How strong are buffalo? How do they function in a herd? Is it difficult to make mozzarella from buffalo milk? And does Alex like doing it? What does the neighborhood have to say about all of this? Is it difficult to sell buffalo milk products? And would Alex Page go into this business again? Find out below.

You can find the original video on our Youtube Channel, or you can find the audio version on Spotify, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.

Video recording of the interview between Václav Kurel and Alex Page (Půdcast)

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